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About Me: Broadly-speaking, my research interests center on circum-Caribbean ancient human ecology,
particularly the early colonization of the Lesser Antilles (Grenada) and Classic Maya commoners (Belize).
My dissertation focuses on the pre-Columbian settlement of Grenada and its implications on regional settlement patterns and chronologies
(see "My Project" link below for more).
Key Interests: Caribbean and Mesoamerican archaeology, human behavioral ecology (HBE),
remote sensing/GIS, domestic economies, domestic ritual, public archaeology, radiocarbon analysis, anthrosols, geochemistry, and paleoethnobotany.

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"Camerhogne: Grenada's Pre-Columbian Heritage"
(PowerPoint Lecture, with audio)

Audio recorded: June 22, 2017
Running time: 1hr 27 mins

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Lecture Opening by John Pitt, GNM Operations Manager
General Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Caribbean Prehistory
Grenada's Archaeology
The Potential for Heritage Tourism in Grenada
Post-lecture Question and Answer Session

The Archaeological Site Inventory (ASIG)


A web-database of all archaeological sites in Grenada, West Indies


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