The ASIG 2.0

The Archaeological Site Inventory for Grenada (ASIG) is a database of all archaeological sites in Grenada, West Indies. This includes all known precolumbian sites on Grenada and a growing section of historical sites. Sites on Carriacou, Petite Martinique, the Grenadines, and St. Vincent are also being added (see Hanna and Giovas 2019). The content has been synthesized by Jonathan Hanna (Penn State), with help from Michael Jessamy (Ministry of Tourism) and John Angus Martin (Leiden University).

The first ASIG (1.0) was an MS-Access database associated with a 2017 report by Jonathan Hanna (link below). With the help of Dr. Rob Olendorf at Penn State, the database was converted into a web-database (ASIG 2.0), but never fully released. Since the 2017 database is now thoroughly outdated, we are in the process of seeking funding to produce an updated version solely via a web-database. In the meantime, updated summaries of sites can be found in the online catalog for the Grenada National Museum, by clicking on the site name (unfortunately a list of sites is not currently available this way).

NOTE: These sites are extremely vulnerable to theft and vandalism.
The more people that visit them and take a few ceramic sherds for themselves,
the less information will be known about that site-- permanently!
As the late Peter Harris recommended, we must not only maintain site records, but also,
"a system which limits access to individuals who can demonstrate bona fide concern for local archaeological heritage," (Harris 2001:13, note 10).
Yet there is a need for public education and basic information about Grenada's heritage resources.
Thus, basic information about these sites is made available here, as means to protect them, by those who care.


ASIG 1.0

Report and Original Access Database

Ronde Island Guaiza

ASIG 2.0

Web-database (unavailable)

Interactive Map of Sites in the Expanded ASIG (including SVG)

For more info, see: Hanna, Jonathan A., and Christina M. Giovas 2019 "An Islandscape IFD: Using the Ideal Free Distribution to Predict Pre-Columbian Settlements from Grenada to St. Vincent, Eastern Caribbean" in Environmental Archaeology, 27(4):402-419 (2022). DOI:10.1080/14614103.2019.1689895


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