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This is the web-version of a Teacher Kit developed in 2012 to accompany the new Amerindian Exhibit at the Grenada National Museum. Unfortunately, upkeep of the GNM's website has been variable, so I've uploaded them all here to ensure their accessibility.

The kits were developed by Purdue graduate student Shawn McGinniss and Peace Corps Volunteers Jonathan Hanna and Stephanie Morano, in collaboration with the GNM Director, John Angus Martin.

We've prepared this site to assist teachers with planning educational visits to the museum, using our lessons to teach social studies topics that relate to our themes, and getting the most out of museum-based education. We hope you'll join us for a few visits with your students this year and in the future.

Teacher Kits & Resources

  • Introduction for Educators

    Containing useful information on using the kits and lesson plans, planning your trip, and more. View…
  • Amerindian Heritage

    There is a long history of native peoples in Grenada; their demise was a huge loss of cultural knowledge. The Amerindian Heritage Room tells the story of the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. View…
  • European Invasion (Coming Soon)

    With the arrival of Columbus in 1498, the Island Caribs of Grenada were challenged for control of the island and endured a long struggle for dominance. Nowhere was that struggle more bloody and representative of the struggle throughout the region than in Grenada. [coming soon]
  • Off-Site Field Trip Guides

    Including lesson plans and activities for educational field trips to Pearls Airport, Duquesne Beach Petroglyphs, and Leaper's Hill. View…

About this Project

The Grenada National Museum is pleased to announce the release of the first installment of “teacher kits” to accompany a forthcoming exhibit on Amerindian Heritage. The kits include lesson plans and activities for Grades 4 through Form 5 teachers to use before, during, and after visiting the museum. Additionally, a set of Field Trip Guides include similar lessons and activities for use at the Duquesne Beach Petroglyphs, Leaper’s Hill, and Pearls Airport sites.

The kits are available for download free of charge. Additionally, a CD of the kits can be purchased for $2 at the GNM, and folders of all the lessons available for $20. Teachers are encouraged to supplement their current curriculum on Amerindians with the updated information provided.

Another set of Teacher Kits on early French colonization (entitled “European Invasion”) are due to be released later this year. The new Amerindian exhibit awaits funding from local sponsors.

Inquiries may be made to the museum at or