Heritage Research Group Caribbean (HRGC) is a Grenada-based heritage consultancy that specializes in the archaeological, historical, and legal aspects of cultural resources management. Founded in 2017, the group is comprised of John Angus Martin, Amanda Byer, Jonathan Hanna, and Lornadale Charles.


Archaeological Impact Assessments

Preliminary Assessments- Background Research, Initial Site Investigations, and Sub-Surface Sampling
Geochemical Soil Analysis
Targeted Excavation
Full-scale "Data Recovery" Excavation and Mitigation
Artifact Collection Cataloging and Inventorying

Historical Research

Genealogical Research: Surname Searches
Detailed Family History Reports (Grenada-only)
Archival Research
Heritage Interpretation
History of Atlantic Slavery
History of the English-Speaking Caribbean
Caribbean slavery and colonialism
Ethnohistoric Research

Legal Counsel

Environmental Compliance Evaluations
Cultural Resource Compliance Evaluations

Heritage Education

Exhibit Design
Invited Lectures/Presentations
Caribbean Historical and Cultural Landscapes
Heritage Preservation
Caribbean Identity
Archival Research/Preservation


  • Research Proposal for Pre-Columbian and Historical Heritage in Beausejour (2019)
  • Proposal for Developing the Fédon’s Camp Trail (2018)
  • Exhibition Displays for the New Parliament Building (2018)
  • Proposal for Amerindian Heritage Day in Grenada (2018)
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage of Point Salines, Grenada: Proposal for Impact Assessment and Mitigation (2018)
  • Grenada Heritage Comics (2018)

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