Jonathan A. Hanna, PhD, RPA

I received my PhD in Anthropology from the Pennsylvania State University in 2018, where I currently serve as an Adjunct Instructor. My dissertation, Ancient Human Behavioral Ecology and Colonization in Grenada, West Indies focused on the pre-Columbian settlement of Grenada and its implications on regional settlement patterns and chronologies (it is currently under embargo while I publish the chapters but you can email me for a copy). As an anthropological archaeologist in the Caribbean, my research centers on the intersection of human-environmental interaction, conservation and heritage policy, and sustainable economic development. I have spent much of the past decade living and working in Grenada, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer and later as a Fulbright Scholar.
Key Interests: Caribbean archaeology, human behavioral ecology (HBE), remote sensing/GIS, domestic economies, domestic ritual, public archaeology, radiocarbon analysis, anthrosols, and geochemistry

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My Projects
All of the projects here on GrenadaArchaeology.com are things I'm involved in, but here are some highlights (mostly broader-impact)

  • Cataloging the Amerindian Collection at the Grenada National Museum (2017-present)
  • Petroglyph Path (2018)
    Self-guided rock art tour made with Michael Jessamy, Ministry of Tourism
  • Grenada Heritage Comics (2018)
    Series of comics done with HRGC in collaboration with archaeological Illustrator John Swogger
  • Heritage Research Group Caribbean (HRGC)
    I am a founding member of HRGC. We advocate for the implementation of historical and archaeological impact assessments (currently just Grenada but aspirationally all the Windward Islands)
  • (More to come soon!)

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